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Package Vietnam Motorcycle Tours and how to pay

After choosing a place to travel and a tour company, Vietnam motorbike tours also believe that if we were you, we will give some questions for ourselves such as: How much money you need to pay for a package tour and calculate enough money that you should have? … and that company tour is trustworthy or not? Because there are many frauds appeared and happened. And after when you found out a reliable travelling company through by the experiences or judgement from the former travelers, you are confused about how to pays and payment policies you will have received. Hence, this document will answer for foreign tourism any question related to Package Vietnam Motorcycle Tours and how to pay and deposit.

Package Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

The total price of a tour depends on the package tour which you were chosen to go. With a long-distance journey, its price always expensive than a shorter one but the long travel also will have more memories with new experiences. However, travelling in a group is always better than individual and be favored by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours services (such as preferential price in a group with 3-5 people).

Motorbike rental Hanoi

Similar to other motorbike rental companies, Package Vietnam Motorbike Tours takes a motorbike “deposit” and a “rental fee”. Vietnam Motorbikes Rental mostly operates using set “packets” of 10 days up to 35 days. With extensions of extra months if the traveler is having a very long holiday or they want to last their trip.

Most travelers do not know their exact start and finishing times, and to simplify the process of hidden transport costs, we combine everything into one “packet”. we will give a suitable price for you and it will depend on the long of distance and the number of days you want to go. Moreover, the prices will be negotiated equally between you and our office to get your best pleasure.

Other companies may advertise “per day rentals” across Vietnam, but they rarely correctly disclaim hidden transport fees where the motorbike must be sent back to the main office and we will support and help you.

Package Vietnam Motorbike Tours are included apart from oil changes every 1000km (5usd-10usd) and flat tires. Surely, your trip will stop in other locations that have a major train station to relax because you can not ride motorbike during a long road. Customers must to be responsible for the transport fee back to our office which is usually around $40.

For example, the traveler returns in Ho Chi Minh, Danang or Hanoi, then there are no additional fees to be paid. Travelers can plan their holiday around one of our set packets and not worry about exact return dates or locations.

Deposits & Payment policies

Vietnam guided Tours will introduce 2 ways to pay for fees when you could have used or will use our services. The first way is pay from our office and the second way is by alternative online payments – Bitcoin and transferwise. Now, we will pay attention about how to pay by credit card deposits. For deposits, we use a pre-authorisation hold. The money is not charged and so no conversions take place. Transactions are typically divided into 3 steps for payment:

  • A pre-booking deposit of 100usd per bike (pre-auth)
  • A refundable deposit (pre-auth)
  • A charge payment, which is converted to USD with a fee of approximately 2.9%

We use both local and foreign payment cards so you can easily trade with us. To avoid transaction fees, customers may use the Vietnam motorbike Tours payment gateway for deposits, but use USD cash or VND cash (XE currency rates) to pay the motorbike rental.

Travelers may use Transferwise to VND which utilizes bank transfers. This is the cheapest form of payment without carrying cash. For information on how to proceed, please state via email that you would like to pay all in advance over transfers. We also have passport deposit options, where the passport contributes towards some of the deposit value.

Finally, you want to ask “How do deposit returns work?”

Stripe deposits:

Stripe deposits are pre-authorisation holds and so never charged. The money is temporarily held by us and then automatically released at some point on the travellers journey. The transaction will not show in bank/credit card statements as it never took place but we will give you a bill which remarked everything you must to pay (included service fees). This commonly causes confusion where a traveler is expecting a refund at the point of return.

Cash deposits:

Vietnam Motorcycle tours stocks to cash in all offices and we attempt to be prepared for cash returns.
It may help if the customer issues a warning before returning the motorbike and it does not include wear and tear due to use or some possible collision. For example, you violate traffic laws.

Bank transfers:

Travelers can deposit directly by transfer bank in dollars (with fees).

The above content has partly provided you with the necessary information about some of our payment services. If you have any problems with the fees or payment can contact us directly. Thanks for your interest in the company's services. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

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