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Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours: Briefly Introduction

Are you worried about Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours? Do not worry, in this article, BM Travel will explain to you the details you need to pay attention to prepare better for the Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

If you want to explore the whole beautiful nature scenes of Vietnam, you should to prepare Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours in the best way. In your luggage, you should bring enough devices to support your Vietnam Motorbike Trips. About vehicles, you do not need to care about because if you choose our services, we will prepare available some types of motorbikes for you to pick as below.

1. Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours: The luggage you should to bring

In our tour, we recommend that you should bring about 15 kilograms for your luggage to have a safe Vietnam Motorbike Trip. All our motorcycles are strong enough to carry 2 people and lots of luggage. However, overloading a motorbike will make it wobble. Therefore, we propose to use each car separately to carry 15 kg your luggage. The overall handling and performance is reduced which affects the fun for mountain roads. Gas consumption is also increasing and the cost difference between gas and ship use will be almost balanced.

A tip that we divided your Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours into two categories: large backpacks, and small backpacks. With the large backpacks, you keep unnecessary items on the way, we will tie in the back of the car. Another is the small backpack, you keep important items or used items such as documents, money, cameras, sunscreen, etc in this small backpack, we will keep the front of the car, on fuel tank to help you remove it easily.

Note: For customers with lots of luggage (especially suitcases), you will get the necessary items to use in the tour in a separate bag, we will store this luggage as tissue described above. For luggage that is not necessary, we will help you send directly to the destination, when the tour ends, we will assist you to receive and transfer it to the hotel.

2. Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours: The vehicles you can pick

In BM Travel, we do not hesitate to invest in motorcycles of the latest versions. Most of these motorcycles are terrain bikes and enduro bikes such as Honda CRF 250L and Honda  XR150L. All are imported from Japan. Some of them are not brand new but are always maintained in the best condition. And if you are lack of experience in driving, we have some models for you like New 110cc Air Blade Series 2011 or Nouvo Yamaha 125cc to drive.

The Honda Air Blade Series 2011 125cc / Nouvo Yamaha 125cc

Tourists often expressed concern about the 125cc engine not strong enough. We can confidently affirm that Honda Air Blade and Nouvo Yamaha can carry two people and luggage on any road or mountain in Vietnam. This is an automatic Honda Semi engine that will be seen on every terrain in the country.

With the large behind the seat, we can put your luggage in here without affects the driving space. The Air Blade and Nouvo Yamaha has a 3.7L gas tank which means you have to fill up twice a day in the morning and the afternoon.

The Honda XR 150l

In our vehicles, this is the best choice for you when travelling Vietnam Motorbike Tours. It is also the best choice for 2 people and their luggage.

Along with a sturdy rạck that can easily expand, the Honda XR 150cc gives you plenty of space to drive comfortably on long journeys. In addition, there is a lot of space to pile up bags on motorcycles. The soft and fluttering suspension of the Honda XR is perfect for handling bumpy roads and large potholes that can often be found throughout Vietnam.

Honda XR has a large gas tank, about 12L, which can help you move up to 300km. This is more than a day of driving in Vietnam. Moreover, its gas tank is located in the front position instead of under the seat, so you can easily refuel once a day for your Vietnam Motorbike Trips. Honda XR is the best-equipped motorcycle to hold two people and luggage in BM Travel motorbike team.

We hope that this article can help you have a decision on the Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours. If you have any questions or requirements, please contact us through our web: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com.

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