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Crossing The Border From A Vietnam Motorbike Tour In Indochina

Riding a crossing border from Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina can be one of the greatest adventures you've ever done in the area! While riding a motorbike, the length of Vietnam has become a ritual for backpackers, the two neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia are often overlooked.

Whether it's because people don't have time, or don't think about it, it's a real shame not to have a crossing border Indochina Motorbike Tour from Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia. Therefore, BM Travel has designed for you to travel through 3 border gates of 3 countries. We successfully crossed the border three times - Laos to Vietnam, Vietnam to Cambodia and then back from Cambodia to Vietnam. We will give the best advice, based on experience and direct research, on the boundaries you can overcome, and what you need to do this.

1. Crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina between Vietnam and Laos

You can ride Vietnam Motorbike Tours between the countries of Vietnam and Laos. As far as we know, you cannot bring Lao plated bike to Vietnam unless you are a registered owner of a motorbike. The two countries share 6 international border gates.

Sop Hun / Tay Trang

The northern-most border is between Muang Khua in Laos and Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, we were informed that this border crossing was either impossible, or expensive, with a motorbike. Those whom we bought our motorcycles in Luang Prabang tried to cross the border here and were not allowed to leave Vietnam with them. We also heard from other drivers that when they went to this border, immigration officials tried to extort money from them.

Na Maew (Na Meo) / Nam Xoi

This border line near the town of Sam Neua in Laos allows Vietnam Motorbike Tours to travel in between countries. When leaving Vietnam, you must pay US $ 20 for an “import form”, which is expected to be returned to the customs when you leave Laos with your motorbike. They also charge a very high price for a Lao visa (US $ 45). Since January 2015, the Vietnamese road is in a terrible state, with very thick mud that makes the journey quite dangerous. Leave you for many hours during the day if you try to overcome.

Nam Can / Nam Khan

In the middle of the big towns of Phonsavan in Laos and Vinh in Vietnam, the South border gate needs to be opened to international tourists. You can trust us when crossing through this border gate with no problem.

Nam Phao / Cau Treo

A convenient intersection near Vinh and Lak Xao in Laos, we also heard stories about successful people crossing this border. We didn't meet anyone who did this personally though.

Dansavanh / Lao Bao

This border gate is not too far from Hue city of Vietnam. We do not have reliable information about the possibility of crossing the road by motorbike in Lao Bao, although we have heard stories that are possible. We personally will not hesitate in trying to cross this border.

Bo / Ngoc Hoi

This border gate is located between the major towns of Attapeu in Laos and Kon Tum in Vietnam. It was a crossroads from a distance, with the Laos side road being a beautiful mountain road. Watching out for truck logging on this road. We crossed from Laos to Vietnam at Bo Y without any problems. Border officials in Laos and Vietnam did not ask for any bribes, fees or extra money to pass. No one requires an import license that comes with our bike.

2. Crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina between Vietnam and Cambodia

You can ride a Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Cambodia and come back. We have heard about Cambodian motorcyclists in Vietnam, but there is no reliable source of this. The two countries share 5 international border routes. They are as follows:

Bavet / Moc Bai

This is the main border gate between Vietnam and Cambodia, and buses often follow the route. It is the most convenient crossroads to go from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and can be done in a big day. It is possible to ride Indochina Motorbike Tour across the border at this international gateway, although you may be required to pay a fee or bribe.

Phnom Den / Tinh Bien

This border gate is close to the town of Chau Doc of Vietnam, and may be a convenient place to go to Cambodia, or vice versa. We brought our Vietnam-plated bike into Cambodia at this border gate in July 2014 and there is no problem doing so. We do not require any additional fees.

Prek Chak / Xa Xia

Also known as the “Ha Tien” overpass, the coastal border between Vietnam and Cambodia is open to international tourists. We met people who brought their motorbikes across the border at this checkpoint and had no problems.

Le Thanh / O Yadao

The northern border gate connects Ban Lung in Cambodia with Pleiku in Vietnam. There are online stories about people who have no problems crossing the border with an Indochina Motorbike Tour at this checkpoint, but the information is dated.

Trapaing Sre Border Crossing

This border gate is close to the town of Snoul in Cambodia and Dong Xoai in Vietnam. This is the one that we used to cross the border with our bike back to Vietnam in October 2014 and there is no problem.

3. Crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina between Laos and Cambodia

Although there are no laws that state that driving between Cambodia and Laos is illegal, this has recently made it difficult for international tourists due to corruption. There is only one international border gate between the two countries.

Veun Kham / Dom Kralor

Since this is the only legal border between Laos and Cambodia, this is the most popular option. However, when we went to do this in June 2014, we were told by locals and foreigners that a scam had occurred at the border. Obviously officials allow you to leave Laos or Cambodia by your bike, but they deny you when you try to move to the next country. Then they request a blackmail fee to give you ‘permission’ to pass about US $100. If you disagree with this, a notification will appear and ask to buy your bike for peanuts. When you get stuck in a land without men, you have no choice but to sell your bike. Due to these stories, we decided to ignore this border gate and go to Vietnam instead.

We can then walk across the border from Laos to Cambodia by walking and hitchhiking to the hotel to collect our bikes. We decided against this. We do NOT recommend unauthorized cross-border crossings between any countries. But if you end this, please let us know how you go!

4. Crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina: Tips for crossing the border in Indochina

XR 150cc is the best motorcycle for all three countries in Indochina Motorbike Tours

We choose this model of the motorbike because it brings many benefits on our Indochina Motorbike Tours. With regards to each of the three nations, the Honda XR 150cc turns into the most universally perceived motorbike and therefore is the least demanding to keep up over long separations and crosswise over border. Besides, XR 150cc is also best suited for different terrains and especially in Laos where can be a lot of mountains with lots of potholes!

For those on budgets, Honda Blade Semi-Automatic is the best choice. These things can also be fixed everywhere, but the Honda Blade never fails anyway. According to our statistics, the Honda Blade is still our most reliable motorcycle on the cheapest route.

You should have experience on driving motorbike and an adventure attitude on crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina.

Large loops of Indochina Motorbike Tour from Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos take about 2.3 to 3 months to complete. It is a long way, and when done right is about a 10,000km journey. Most of the long-term rental services of upland people will be 3 to 4,000km. A tourist who attains a three-month and 10,000-kilometer vacation must be aware that wear and tear on parts will occur and that they must be able to detect and inspect their own motorcycles.

BM Travel will be willing to cooperate and repay the replacement parts on the journey to provide customers with our support channels to discuss and submit images of the old components in the way of crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina. However, we cannot translate in Cambodia and Laos and so tourists must take care of themselves when diagnosing the problem and get the right price. We can help with thoughts, potential statements and give general help.

Another point that you should pay attention that when you travel in Laos and Cambodia, we cannot control any bad situations because it is outside of Vietnam. We are unable to translate to police or deal with motorbike losses, it means you will have responsibility with your motorbike to find the way back to Vietnam. If it is not returned to us, we consider it lost or stolen and you will charge accordingly.

However, overcoming difficulties and challenges in your travels in Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will have great experiences about these 3 beautiful Indochina countries. Vietnam is wonderful with the dreamy beauty of beaches and mountains. Cambodia is famous for Angkor temple, and Laos is famous for its dense primeval forests.

Hopefully, through this article, you can choose the best Indochina Motorbike Tour for yourself to enjoy the natural beauty in these three countries. If you want to ask more question related to our tour of crossing the border from a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Indochina, please contact us, BM Travel, via our website: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com.

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