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Being an organization that specializes in holding different amazing Vietnam road trips as well as day trips from Hanoi, BM travel is happy to be your guide for safe, sound and wonderful long journeys even short ones during few days to various parts of Vietnam.

 If you are searching for rental of qualified off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours, dirt bikes or scooters instead of disappointing Chinese-copy Honda Win 100cc, this below article is the right place that you can find needed information about Motorbike Rental Vietnam.

Experience need - Motorbike Rental Vietnam

If you are very familiar with manual clutch bikes, whether your level is intermediate or advance, you can read on. In case, you have never tried to ride a motorbike, then it suggest for you to be in riding lesson before you can start your journey. It somehow can make you feel uncomfortable but it is how your safety be guaranteed during trips. We always place your safety as our top concerns. The reason why we have to emphasize your safety is that Vietnam is not a perfect place to start riding motorbikes. In fact, it owns busy traffic driving you crazy.

It is even crazier when each day pasts and 24 people die on the road because of motorbike accidents. Hence, having a motorbike driving license is important and needed. Honestly, we don't recommend our tours for beginners to have two-wheel journeys in Vietnam.  Satisfying everyone is a hard job and there are also different expectations for Vietnam Motorbike Tours since everything is imperfect.

Plan for Each Ride - Motorbike Rental Vietnam

Another thing that BVM travel always reminds riders is to plan for your Vietnam road trips. It is advisable for you to have a detailed and careful plan by reading more about places you are going to come as well as get acquainted with your tour guide and managing by yourselves. If so, your trip will be a great one.

It sometimes happen misunderstandings between riders and us about the motorbike driving license and insure when it comes motorbike rental vietnam. The thing is actually easy then you probably thinks. You only need to follow the links and get solutions. We are also happy to give you good news that international driving permit is now available in Vietnam. For more details, you can search on our website.

Meanwhile, BM travel provides to you both guided and self-guided Vietnam Motorbike Tours. If it causes you trouble of making decision for these two kinds of tour, you can refer to articles about this on our website. 

Self-guided day trips - Motorbike Rental Vietnam

As mentioned before, with BM travel, you can find for yourself a self-guided day trips from Hanoi. In order to ensure that you have bikes when being on tour, we would like to have dirt bikes booked and paid. if until arriving in Hanoi will you make a motorbike book, suitable motorbikes will probably not be available for you.

We suggest that it might be the cheapest way to rent a motorbike and discover Vietnam in your own way. Though, you need to control and handle things can happen by yourself including bike service, maintenance, finding best roads, and accommodations. And getting lost seems to be an inevitable part but it makes your trip adventurous as possible. In case,  you want to save your budget but fail to manage things, finally, you waste your money.

So far, we have provided near new and latest scooter models in Hanoi. They are perfectly made by Honda not any Chinese fake brands. Hiring a bike is not just about the price but the model, manufacturing and engine. The hiring cost is not the cheapest but competitive and BM travel is confident about the quality of motorbikes.

Why Honda motorbikes are only for your trips?

For many years of working as a company for Motorbike Rental Vietnam, BM travel focuses on providing true Honda bikes with capacity from 100cc to 250cc in Hanoi. We assure that Chinese fake Honda motorbikes are not used here. The motorbikes vary from the lastest 100-125cc semi-automatic or fully automatic ones, or the latest 125cc bikes and some older but powerful Honda XR250. There are some reasons why there are only Honda motorbikes for your Vietnam Motorbike trips. Since Honda is the most popular brand in Vietnam, there are plenty of addresses that you can find maintenance for your bikes. Motorbike shops supporting repairing are easy to find in Vietnam. Moreover, it is more convenient when there are more than 700 Honda authorized dealer together with repair shops locating in every place in Vietnam. Fueling is also a concern for your trip. However, thanks to Honda bikes, it is easier to deal with because Honda motorbikes use less fuel than others. 

Scooters – long or short trips?

Motorcyclists often send us requests of hiring scooters when they have long day trips. Though, it is not a good idea. The reason is that scooters are only designed for easy-to-ride and flat roads like in cites. They can not stand long riding distance as well as muddy roads or those in bad conditions when you are on a long journey with Vietnam Motorbike Tours. In case, you want to save your budget or you are not confident with your riding skills, having scooters for your trips is likely possible. However, it seems not to be appealing and adventurous trip! When your distance is short which is 80 km to 120 km per day with low pace of riding, scooters are good for you.

One-way Motorbike Rental Vietnam

Since we have office in Hanoi, it is possible for you to have one-way motorbike rental. In details, you can start from Hanoi or HCM city and make payment for bike shipping from one end to other end. Also, you need to leave deposit for your bike which will depend on what type of bike is together with rental money for the bike. For depositing, we can refund your money via Vietnamese bank or jewellery shop. If there happens any damage or replacement, the deposit will be reduced.

Another thing is that when hiring a bike in Hanoi then finishing in HCM city, then you return to Hanoi with a flight or by train, we will not require for a cash deposit. Just giving us your ID card or driving license is fine. After that, your bike shipping back to HCM is arranged and you only need to pay for the cost. You should exchange with us at our Hanoi office with shipment bill from the train station and take back deposited paper.

Tour Guide Hire and Motorbike Rental Vietnam

Besides Motorbike rental, BM travel also gives you support for your trips with our experienced tour guides. Our tour guides will help you to have right direction and ensure your journey safe and sound. They can be 4-in-1 as guide, leader, mechanic and translator. Your journey will be more exciting and valuable thanks to their experience of guiding. Plus, having an off-road journey with Vietnam Motorbike Tour guide, you will be able to know more about secret roads that can not be found on the map if you have a tour guide go with. You can freely have meals and stay at any places on the road. Your trip will be flexible as possible.

Fully Guided Tours with BM travel

If you are fine with your budget, there is no reason to not have a fully guided and assisted Vietnam Motorbike Tour. It is the best option to have safe ride in Vietnam. You can make use of exploring while resting and enjoying your vacation. This is meanwhile the cheapest way to deeply know Vietnam. Tour guides are Vietnamese and own years of riding experience as well as have friend at any places that your trips pass. Therefore, you will experience a number of interesting things that you may miss if it is not fully guided trip. It is worthy when your money is spent on fresh food and most comfortable hotels as places we come to instead of receiving bad services.

BM travel offers to you both short and long day trips. You can also tailor your journey by contacting us. Follow the link below and visit Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club website at http://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com/ to see other great journeys as well as receive support and help from us.

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