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Cost for an off-road Vietnam motorcycle tour

The spending for an off-road Vietnam motorcycle tour will not be too expensive if you know how to save and spend properly. However, some trips lasting in long days may cost you an amount of money.

Recently, we have received many questions or mails from visitors ad readers asking for the expense needed of a motorbike trip in Vietnam. In this article, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours has concluded a list of spending that is necessary for you if you are about to take an off-road motorcycle tour. All these expenses are based on hundreds of motorbike trips over the past few years that many travellers ever participated in. However, to some extent, the total expense depends on your budget, the number of riders in your group or the motorcycle models. Generally, the expense is within your budget and you can relax and enjoy your trip.

About us Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club

Due to many reasons, prior to 2000, there were very few motorcycling tourists in Vietnam, as they had to rent motorcycles, buy street maps, and drive motorbikes from the city center alone, since no tourist agencies organized tours. Although they knew it was very dangerous, they had no choice. Faced with such a situation. Given this situation, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club Team is destined to take you to remote mountainous regions with beautiful mountain scenes, stunning waterfalls or magical terraced rice paddies, or just to talk to rustic locals or live in natural, simple villages.

What make us different?

First, we are passionate, energetic and experienced people who are willing to be with you on all motorways. Your satisfaction is a measure of our existence for us. Most of us have been involved in tours and tours for years. We are good at many foreign languages such as English, Spanish and French. Moreover, we are keen mechanics. That's why we always have Spanish, English and French tour guides on hand.

Excellent Tour guide

As we have worked with foreign tourists for many years, we realize that people ultimately play a very important role in any tour. People in this context mean tour guides. With an unfriendly tour guide with poor foreign language skills You will not enjoy a perfect trip, even if you have an interesting program and excellent roads with good quality motorcycles. We are the combination of many professional guides (English, Spanish and French) in motorcycle tours that will surprise you time and again because we only want to introduce our country and our people to the world. In addition, we would like to make friends with you while pursuing the position that tourism is connection and exchange.

Daily Tour Expense:

A daily expense usually includes the following items:

  • Motorbike rental
  • Accommodation
  • Fuel
  • Food and drink
  • Boat trips on Lakes or Rivers
  • Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets
  • Additional cost
  • Total daily cost
  • Hotel pick up

Besides, there are some extra costs including:

  • Travel insurance
  • Visa to Vietnam
  • Flight tickets
  • Gratuities, tips for tour guides/ drivers
  • Beverages & other personal expenses

Motorbike rental Vietnam

Most of these motorbikes are dirt bikes and enduro bikes manufactured in Japan such as CRF250L, XR250 and XR150L. Even though some are not brand new ones, they all remain good operations.

  • Honda CRF250L:  This motorcycle type is promising to be the most perfect for Vietnamese road conditions. It is often appreciated by many experienced motorcyclist as it makes an off-road Vietnam tour perfect. The CRF250L features a 249cc DOHC, 249cc, 249cc, 24.9-liter, 24.4-horsepower maximum power output at 8,500rpm and a top speed of 22.6 Nm at 6.750. rpm, fueled with improved fuel injection system Honda PGM-FI and throttle body. Air purge boxes, connectors and lightweight exhaust pipes are located on the right side of the car. Power from the engine is transmitted to the wheels through a six-speed gearbox and chain, and a balanced shaft helps reduce the vibration from the engine. The gearbox is designed to withstand impact when running multi-terrain. Featuring a typical multi-terrain vehicle, the CRF's petrol looks slim. The CRF250L has a capacity of 7.8 liters.
  • Honda XR250R: It is a great bike. In comparison with other types of motorcycle, it is getting a bit dated, though; it is still a well-developed. It also is considered as a good choice when touring off road.
  • Honda XR150L: It is rated as a small and multi-terrain locomotive motor which is suitable for street or off-road riding. Adjustable parts include: the head of the motorcycle is designed to be more aggressive and sporty, the wheels, front fenders are made taller, the tank is neatly designed. In addition, Logo 150L is printed sharp on the petrol body, the steering wheel is quite long to feel comfortable for the driver. The XR 150 has overall dimensions of 2100 x 820 x 1126 (mm) and a weight of 129 kg. It is very popular in Vietnam with beautiful design and meets the standards necessary for the needs of off-road touring such as compactness, flexibility, cylinder capacity to conquer winding roads in Vietnam.
  • Nouvo Yamaha 125: Nouvo, as well as other scooters, are used for riding city roads. It is mainly considered as a means of daily travel. Nobody thought that one day they would use this scooter to conquer the highlands of the winding road. If you are using a dirt bike or a large motorcycle is no longer strange, the scooter one like Nouvo will be a completely new experience when you choose it to travel in different tours.
  • New 110c Air Blade: The special preference of Vietnamese customers with Air Blade makes the Honda area to order separately. The Honda R & D Thailand design a dedicated version, based on taste surveys. The dimensions of 110c Air Blade retainer with an overall length of 1,890 mm, width of 680 mm and height of 1,110 mm. Height of saddle lift is added more 3 mm, up to 772 mm. It should reach the average stature. The distance from the ground to chassis is 133 mm, increased by 3 mm which is more negligible. Rims are still 14-inch type tires with 80/90 front wheels and 90/90 rear wheels. The engine capacity is 108 cubic meters, capacity of 9 horsepower at 8,000 rpm cycle, maximum torque. 9.5 Nm at 6,000 rounds per minute.

Fee for motorbikes is one of your biggest expense. There are two options for you when taking off-road Vietnam Motorbike tour is to rent or buy new one. However, we only recommend you to buy a brand new motorbike if you tend to go on tour for above a month. And the cost of buying a new motorcycle is quite expensive as it costs you up to 200$. But for renting, it saves more for you. Renting a motorcycle costs at a average price of 25$. If you want to rent a motorcycle which is bigger and stronger engine, the cost can be up to 55$. check more detail about our Dirt Bike here: http://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com/tcnt-mn354/our-dirt-bikes.htm


The scon daily expense is about accommodation. When you have rented a motorbike, you need to think about where to stay during the tour. To save money, you can choose to share your room with others. Here are some common accommodations when touring off-road:

  • Guest Houses & Hostels
  • Homestays & Airbnb
  • Camping
  • Hotels & Resorts

Guest Houses & Hostels:

If your tour is going to last for several days, you will spend some nights staying at guest houses or hotels. You can easily found them anywhere within the country even the rural regions. And they often cost a great value. According to the average accommodation cost, it is from 10$ to 20$ for a double, twin, triple, or quadruple room. With this price, it is best suitable for a couple staying overnight. It is also cheap for travelling alone if you bargain politely, you cost can be only 7$ for a night.

Homestays & Airbnb:

For some regions in Vietnam especially which are in the northeast of Vietnam, stay overnight in the stilt house or wooden house can save best money for you. For instance, when touring to Ha giang or mai chau, it costs only from 2$ to 4$ for a night. If you have a tight budget then you should choose homestay for accommodation. Airbnb is as cheap as homestay. You can find one in many religions like Mekong delta.


Choosing to camp is another way to save your money. It is recommended as a special option when you take a ride on ho chi minh road or ocean road. This could be an interesting travelling experience. However, if you have a tension of wild camping, you should be careful when choosing where to place your tent.

Hotels & Resorts

For popular tourist destinations or in all cities, it is easy to find a wide range of hotels and resorts. If you are a mid-range traveller, you should stay overnight in this type of accommodation since it offers standardized quality and cleanliness and safety. The cost often ranges from 20$ to 40$ per night.


the amount of money you spend on fuel will depends on what type of motorcycle you are riding and how far your driving distance is. Usually, the long distance of riding on Vietnamese road is about 300 km and 100 km is for the short riding distance. Most motorcycle with fuel capacity containing 3 to 5 liter can help you ride for 100km to 250 km depending on the model and road conditions. The petrol price in vietnam is always changing but the average fuel cost for one day of riding will be from 2$ to 4$.

Food and drink in Vietnam Motorbike Tours

the cost for food and drink is slightly different from person to person. If you eat local street foods for all meals, it costs you 1$ to 2$ for each. For many travelers, trying Vietnam street food is such a great experience. If you choose to eat locally, a hearty breakfast, a lunch with coffee or soft drinks is just up to 5$  per person. The cost for dinner is cheap too. However, after a long day of riding for far distance, mostly, motorcyclists will have the need for some cold beer and maybe a small night party. The cost can double from 10$ to 20$ per person including a small party with alcohol. And if you are traveling along the coast, it is a pity to not try any seafood there, but it can be more costly. Once you choose to have seafood at a restaurant, the eating cost also increases. Therefore, for a hearty breakfast, lunch together with coffee or soft drinks, and a big dinner with beer, it is about up to 50$ per day. For some isolated areas, you probably can have noodles and local rices for your meals.     

Additional cost

Remember in your mind that, there are some additional costs per day from 1$ to 5$. They can be entrance tickets when visiting attractions, sites, or museums and even roadside snack and water to avoid being hydrated. Perhaps, sometimes, sitting next to the window of a hotel and being overwhelmed by the majestic view in front of you can make you have a “luxurious” drink or a meal cooked in a western way after days of having local rices as you travel to mountainous regions. 

Total daily cost: This cost only for Honda XR 150l, with Honda CRF 250l, cost extra CONTACT US to know more about that

Stated firstly in the article, the cost of a tour differs from the others due to the number member in a tour group, the motorcycle models and high/low season. From all above-mentioned information, the total cost for the tour is estimated as below:

  • Group of one: 200 USD/Day

  • Group of two: 140 USD/Day/Person
  • Group of three: 130 USD/Day/Person
  • Group of four: 125 USD/Day/Person

However, there are some notes you need to know:

  • It will cost 20$ extra per day if it is a single stay
  • The price for supporting vehicle and driver is 150$ per day upon request!
  • The price for ho chi Minh trail motorcycle tours will cost more. You can refer for more details on our website.
  • If you do not depart or end in Hanoi, your surcharge for motorbike shipping to or back is 120$ per one.        

Please access our website at http://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com/ to get more details.  You are all welcomed to get best services from us, with hope that you will have an extremely memorable off-road motorbike tour in Vietnam.


> English Speaking Tour guide/Mechanic / Photographer / Video Recorder.

>  Quality Japanese Honda Motorcycles with spare things ( Honda XR 150cc or Honda CRF250L ) CRF250L cost extra.

> All meals on tour (local Vietnamese food)

> Accommodation ( standard hotel or homestay based on double, twins or triple shared room)

> All fuel/Gasoline

> Boat trips on Lakes or Rivers

> All entrance tickets/ Permits to remote areas

> Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets

> Hotel pick up

> Dirt on your SHOES and FACE or more

> GORPO USE, Video Of Your Trips ( send couple days later after the ride )

>>> Let ride with us to have a cool moment to show off to your friends and family?  We can film your ride and create a SPECIAL FREE VIDEO of your Vietnam Dirt bike Tours


> Travel insurance

> Visa to Vietnam

> Flight tickets

> Gratuities, tips for tour guides/ drivers

> Beverages & other personal expenses


Single stay will cost 20 USD extra/ day

+ We provide support vehicle and driver with extra price of 150 USD/day/ truck upon request!

+ Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours will cost more.  Please CONTACT US for more details.

+ If tours do not depart/ end in Hanoi then surcharge for bike shipping to/ back: 120 USD/ bike.


> To secure your bookings we require a minimal of 30 % deposit. Balance can be made upon arrival

> The rider is responsible for any bank charges. ( surcharge 3,5% if you pay by credit card )

> The balance can be paid by cash or credit on the first day of the trip

> If you cancel the Vietnam motorbike tour before the departure date, you will lose 100% of the deposit.

> If you cancel the tour after the departure date, you will lose 100% of the total cost/ fee of the tour for any reason.

> After departure, NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason, if you cancel the tour.

> A Damage Cost deposit of US$ 100 – 1,000 or more is required for each motorcycle for using in the guided or self-guided motorcycle tours. In case of a self-caused accident, your own participation is up to US$ 2,000 or more.

“We promise to deliver the best balance for every single DOLLAR”

please check more here to have full information about Vietnam Nam Motorbike Tours Price: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com/tcnt-mn116/tour-cost.htm

****TO LIVE IS TO RIDE******

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