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Vietnam Motorcycle Tours - Adventure & Off-road Motorcycle Tours

Splendid North Vietnam Motorbike Tours via Northern Loop TrailWhich is the best place for motorcycle tours in Vietnam? This is quite a controversial matter. Many people, both Vietnamese and foreign ba...

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Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Best Way To Discover The Real VietnamTrekking through the forest, drive over the stream, or ride the motorbike up the mountain- more and more activities are offered...

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Extreme Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours - Best Way To Discover The True Vietnam BeautyVietnam is a beautiful country with endless wonders and new experiences to explore. Each region of this S-shape...

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Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours - Cross Country      Motorcycle The growing popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination began to reveal its off-tracking potential and attractions that can only b...

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Vietnam - the best destination for off-road Touring/ Dirt Bike ToursVietnam is a country with beautiful landscapes that are worth a visit to experience. But unfortunately, you cannot fully enjoy this ...

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Vietnam motorcycle trips near Hanoi - Journey of emotions Hanoi is the heartland of Vietnam where many quintessential beauty traditions are preserved and developed. Witnessing thousands of years of ci...

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Hanoi Motorcycle Tours - Scooter Tours: Life-changing Experience You Should Have Before You DieAs the on-thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has a long-standing history with unique cultural va...

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Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours - Opportunity to Experience A Shortcut of ParadiseSapa is a hot destination in Northwest Vietnam that has endless interesting things to discover. Richly endowed by nature...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Tours - Amazing Experiences For Adventurous HeartsThe North of Vietnam is undeniably an awesome place for traveling and exploring. If the idea of visiting the North has just suddenl...

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Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours - An Excellent Choice For Thrill-SeekersIf you are planning a trip to Vietnam, the Central region deserves to be the top priority. From beaches, temples, forests, moun...

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Indochina Motorcycle Tours - the Journey to the Core Values of Vietnam - Laos - CambodiaVietnam Laos, and Cambodia are three countries on the Indochina Peninsula. As the neighboring countries, they ha...

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Top Incredible South Vietnam Motorcycle Tours You Should Try Once In Your LifeVietnam is one of the most fabulous travel destinations for motorcycling enthusiasts. You may have experienced the breatht...

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Travel to Laos by motorbike - Everything you need to know Laos, also as known as "The Land of Million Elephants", has no difficulty in conquering the hearts of visitors with its "travel-back-in-time" ...

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Experience Cambodia Motorbike Adventures in no time!Cambodia has long been an ideal place for those who want to travel by motorbike at a low price. If you are planning to make a trip to this outstandi...

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Vietnam Motorcyle Tours For Incredible Riding Experiences

Did you know that in ancient times, Vietnam is the country where children were born by a beautiful fairy and the dragon? This is exactly what legends say about the warm-hearted, pleasant, and calm people of Vietnam. But besides the people, Vietnam has a lot more to offer - its beautiful nature and amazing landscape. In Vietnam, the easiest way to do explore all of that is to sit on a motorcycle. To have the best experience, you should join Vietnam Motorcycle Tours offered by BM Travel Adventure.  We will provide the best service for you to see the amazing beauty of nature, the majestic sights of the Red River in the North and the Mekong River in the South, the diamond green color of rice fields, endless white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation and etc.

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Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

You should not miss the opportunity, because Vietnam is the pearl of Southeast Asia, a country with an ancient history and culture with a huge number of valuable historical monuments, a country that has survived many years of war, cold and terror, nowadays appears in a completely different guise. Vietnam is an unusually interesting country with a lot of attractions, as a good geographical position makes this place unbelievably beautiful. As you know, the best way to get to know the area is to get lost on the roads. By joining an adventure motorbike tour in Vietnam, you can observe a harmonious symbiosis of the cultures, as well as see the most astonishing nature sites of different areas of our country. 

Our motorbike trip will be interesting to those who are tired of standard package tours and want something unusual, adventurous. Who has long heard of the so-called "independent" travels, but was afraid to try, we offer a variety of tours, in which any adult can take part in, regardless of gender and motor vehicle driving skills. One might get the feeling that all the magic and uniqueness of Asia are embodied in our small, stunningly original country. You will move around on light universal motorcycles, with bikes that are great for beginners.

Vietnam Motorcycle Trip

Main motorcycle tour packages offered by BM Travel

Yesterday you walked around Hanoi, today you come to us and receive your motorbike. It is that easy! Then we leave Hanoi, and the next few days, the dust of the Vietnamese roads will be our most faithful companion. You will have an extraordinary opportunity to experience the best motorcycle tours through Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam. Also, We provide traveling services by motorcycle through Laos and Cambodia. Depending on your experience on motorcycles driving through off-road tracks, our service includes guided and self-guided tours. Check out our hottest and most popular tours down below.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Motorcycle In Vietnam

The North of Vietnam is known for its mountain roads, as well as an abundance of original small ethnic groups, which even in everyday life wear bright multi-colored clothes. In this tour, we offer trips from Hanoi to regions in the Northeast and Northwest, such as Moc Chau, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Ba Be, etc. 

After leaving the main road, we find ourselves in a valley of extraordinary beauty. In the middle of the jungle, rice terraces and tea plantations on the slopes harmoniously blend in, and we might meet the local villages, known for their traditional colorful clothes.

But after that, on the road, civilization does not shine - mountains, valleys, mountains again. In some places, you will need to show how confident you can ride a motorcycle, and there will be an opportunity to experience the taste of a full-fledged enduro. 

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours  - Cross Country Motorcycle 

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours

This is where we get to Ho Chi Minh Trail - a wide road with good coverage, but at the same time surprisingly quiet and unloaded by transport. Here you can enjoy the speed on your 2-wheel friend and try to squeeze the maximum out of your motorcycle. In this tour, we offer trips through Ho Chi Minh Trail, such as Hanoi - Hoi An, Hanoi - Danang. 

A lot of historical battles started in the North and then continued or happened in the South, so there is no denying that the historical memories of Vietnam lay all the way from the North to the South, so our provided tracks will surely enhance your Vietnamese history experience. Moreover, these long trips will give you unforgettable memories of the beauty of Vietnam from a realistic perspective: from North to South. 

Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours 

centre Vietnam motorcycle Tours

Vietnam is the country that had a lot of wars through its existence. By only traveling, you get to be in places that have had huge historical moments during those wars. We will cross DMZ - the so-called demilitarization zone, formed after the colonial war with France and conditionally divided Vietnam into the communist north and the colonial south. During the Vietnam War, the front line and all the main battles took place in such locations.

BM Travel provides Central Vietnam tours such as Hanoi - Hoi An, Hoi An - Quy Nhon, Hoi An - Saigon, etc. Not only you get the chance to visit more than 10 beautiful provinces of Central Vietnam, but you may also step in and be a part of Vietnamese history, as you pass sights that are related to our history of war. There is a wide variety of places that you can visit, such as Ben Hai River, The Rockpile, Khe Sanh Combat Base, DMZ, and a lot of old towns. The trips will begin at Hue city - a museum city, where surely we will spend a little bit of time in, and then hit right the road!

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

South Vietnam is an abundance of civilization. Some will probably miss the quiet mountain roads, some will like the excellent asphalt and developed infrastructure, but everyone will love the taste of the fresh atmosphere that leads to beautiful cities with seas. 

We offer trips such as a motorbike tour via Mekong Delta, Sai Gon - Nha Trang via Mui Ne Da Lat, Da Lat; Saigon - Mekong Delta, Dalat, Bao Loc, Lam Dong; Saigon - Vung Tau.

Nha Trang is the largest beach resort in Vietnam with a maximum concentration of package tourists. But despite this, the locals are not at all spoiled there, food prices are among the lowest in the country, and indeed - the place is quite pleasant. A few hours of motorcycle travel along the sea, and we find ourselves in another popular place - Mui Ne. The view of this place can be confused with the Gobi desert - large sand dunes stretch along the coast. And there are many more astonishing places that BM Travel offers you to visit. So what are you waiting for?

Laos Motorbike Tours

Laos Motorcycle Tours

In terms of conservation, Laos might be the most interesting country in Indochina. After the communist revolution of 1975, the country was closed to tourists and began to thaw out only a little about twenty years ago, when it became clear that the planned economy in the jungle was not justified. So there are plenty of places, such as Infamous triangle, special caves, and areas that you can explore in Laos with BM Travel! We would also remind that the best time to visit Laos is from December to April, it is always better not to get to the trip during the rainy season when it erodes the roads!

Cambodia Motorbike Tours

Cambodia Motorcycle Tours

Given the natural resources, tourism in Cambodia is developing at a fairly rapid pace, along with the same agriculture. And in this, not a small merit of the fact that this country has attractive climatic zones. Among the natural attractions in Cambodia, it is worth visiting the primary forests (forests without visible traces of previous or current human activities). We provide exciting and mythical trips in Cambodia from lost temples to beaches and coast. Just contact us, and we will have everything ready for you!

Types of enduro tours that you will get with BM Travel

First of all, enduro is a type of motorcycle designed for off-road driving. The popularity of this class of motorcycles is associated with comfort and speed. Initially, they appeared in motorsport, but over time they evolved in several directions at once, including off-road trips.

The term "enduro" comes from the Latin indurate - hardy, patient. Indeed, the action of which takes place mainly on rough terrain and off-road, requiring quite a rider! 

Modern enduro can be divided into three main groups. Of course, there are many models that cannot be directly attributed to any particular class. There are three main types of enduro at BM Travel: off-road enduro, enduro, and super enduro. Motorbikes used for the trips: HONDA XR150, HONDA CRF 250, Husqvarna FC450, Honda XR150L, SUZUKI DRZ400 bikes.

Off-road enduro: is the most popular Vietnam Motorcycle Tour that BM Travel Adventure offers for motorbike lovers of all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced. A few great off-road enduro roads: Sapa, Ha Giang, Northwest Vietnam. 

Vietnam Enduro Tours

Enduro: this type is for those who like to spend their time in nature, experiencing the little beautiful things along the off-road trip.

Super enduro: this type is for the advanced level of driving only! Hard off-roads, tough hills which all need a strong experience individual, where some trips can last up to 16 days! Not many tours provide such service, as we are proud to say that BM Travel Adventure is the first company in Vietnam to develop this type of hardcore motorbike tour.

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