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Head-to-Toe about S-shaped Dirt Bike Tours in Vietnam

09/12/2019 04:32

No doubts about it: Vietnam is the perfect country for dirt bike tours. The variety of topography is challenging, yet very promising for bikers who want to spend their holiday going on wild adventures. Small, narrow roads, especially tight curves are often mentioned as the distinctive traits for the ride here.


Top 5 Yamaha Dual Sport Bikes for The Best Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

09/11/2019 09:49

Dual sport bikes are the new craze among everyone these days who reside a love for biking at heart. Let's discover top 5 Yamaha dual sport bikes that are well-suited for on-road and off-road motorcycle tours experiences in Vietnam: Yamaha WR250R, XT250, WR450F, YZ450F, XS650...


Best Kawasaki Adventure Bikes for off-road Motorcycle Tours - Kawasaki Versys

09/07/2019 05:02

Synonymous with adventure touring at Kawasaki, the Kawasaki Versys line represents a combination between the two words ‘Versatile’ and ‘System’, which reflects the lines’ general multi-purpose capabilities. In 2019, we saw huge upgrades on Versys bikes, which included a multitude of things such as additional electronic functionality, new engines, and an improvement on seating position for riders of all heights.


A creepy ghost story that I experienced in my Vietnam motorcycle tour

09/07/2019 05:00

I'm Binh Phi - the proud owner and founder of BM Travel Adventure and Vietnam motorcycle tours Club. I'd love to share with you guys my creepy story that I experienced in my motorcycle tour last year. It happened in November 2018 when I guided a motorbike tour for a group of German travelers in Kontum City, Vietnam. The tour destination was a village of the Ede ethnic group located 7km east of the city...


Top 7 favoured riding roads in Vietnam

08/07/2019 11:40

Going to Nha Trang, Da Nang or Saigon is too simple and familiar. But what would you think if you were traveling on the off-road and single-track roads from one place to another? These7 favoured riding roads in Vietnam are not new but not old places because you may have heard or visited but have not really reached them. Why you don’t experience once to know more and to love the land under your foot more. And it is the time for you to admire the beautiful scenery that is simple but majestic of parts in Vietnam? Then you should take your motorbike up and go.
The popular arcades are ideal for any connoisseur who wants to conquer and experience the majestic slopes and mountains. According to the information posted on many tourist channels, and due to severals years of being tour guide for many off-road riders, the most popular riding roads in Vietnam are quite rugged terrain, has many bends but brings in a beautiful and majestic nature. Let's together with Vietnam Motorbike Tours to take a look at the greatest riding roads are being favoured on the journey to conquer the lands of the country.


The Great Offroad From Sapa To Ha Giang By Motorbike

08/07/2019 11:09

Sapa and Ha Giang are two famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. With sensational view, captivating border towns, ethnic minority markets and lavish farmland flourish, this is a route to be taken gradually – there's not really a kilometer without a clasp twist – and with a lot of time to take into account unexpected conditions, for example, awful climate and avalanches. This excursion makes a decent option to, or expansion of the increasingly popular to Ha Giang. If you are a risk lover, this article will give you more information about traveling Sa Pa and Ha Giang by motorcycle.


5 Suggested tracks for Motorbike Trip from Saigon To Hanoi

08/07/2019 11:00

In this article, Vietnam Motorbike Tours would like to suggest you 5 routes from Saigon to Hanoi. When riding on these on-road and off roads, you will be able to see beautiful scenery and avoid dense traffics. Since new roads are currently being reinforced and expanded, it makes travellers to have more time on journeys as well as have ability to visit more remote mountainous areas. The below suggestions comes from the best experiences of offroad riding from south to north. Let’s take a look here.



08/06/2019 09:35

Cat Tien National Park is a nature reserve located in Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc provinces. With beautiful natural scenery, hills and valleys, there are large grasslands and steep streams, all of which make up the poetic and romantic picture of Cat Tien.


Vietnam Motorcycle Tours With Some Destinations

08/06/2019 09:20

If you’re planning a Vietnam Motorbike Tours, this list of 5 most well-known places from North to South that considers the symbol for Vietnam beauty, which you cannot visit, will make the most of your experiences in Vietnam.


Tips for offroad motorbike riding trips

08/06/2019 09:19

These followings are simple but effective tips. Advices on off road riding together with tips or while being on a motorbike tour will bring you many valuable benefits and amazing experiences.


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