Indochina Motorbike Tours

Border-Crossing Motorbike Tour Between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - 20 Days
  Hanoi → Vu Linh → Thac Ba → Phu Yen → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Na Meo → Xieng Khoua...

Have you ever considered joining a cross-border motorbike tour from stunning Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos? Well, the answer should be Yes since endless interesting experiences await you on this amazin...

From $3,800/person

Exploring Indochina 21 Days BMW Motorcycle Tour
  Hanoi → Pu Luong → Sam Neua → Phonsavan → Nahin → Kong Lor → Savannakhet → Muang...

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have breathtaking vistas that are hard to find anyplace else in the world. And a 21-day BMW motorbike tours exploring the Indochina Peninsula comes for it. This trip will t...

From $9,975/person

Border-Crossing Motorbike Tour Between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia - 21 Days
  Hanoi → Pu Luong → Xam Neua → Phonsavan → Viengthong → Na Hin → Nakai → Villabur...

If you are in love with traveling by motorbike, this 21-day motorcycle tour exploring the Indochina Peninsula should be on your bucket list. Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia possess incredible landscapes y...

From $3,990/person

Indochina BMW Motorcycle Tour 32 days
  Hanoi → Ba Be → Ban Gioc → Ha Giang → Sapa → Moc Chau → Sam Neau → Nong Khiew → ...

The Indochina BMW Motorcycle Tour From Ha Noi 31 days is the trip of your life. This journey will touch every single pure culture in Indochina. This journey lets you enjoy not only riding but also aut...

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Indochina Motorcycle Tours - the Journey to the Core Values of Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are three countries on the Indochina Peninsula. As the neighboring countries, they have many adjacent provinces. Vietnam has ten provinces bordering Laos, and the same number with Cambodia. Therefore, the three countries have many similarities in culture, history, and customs. Because of the diverse culture and natural features, Laos Vietnam border crossing motorbike tours and Cambodia Vietnam border crossing motorbike tours have an irresistible attraction to tourists. 

If you have a burning desire to discover Asian cultures, don’t miss the opportunity to join Indochina motorbike tours. Overcoming off-road tracks to find the grandeur of the borderlands is a valuable experience that you would love to have once in your life.

Indochina Motorbike Tours

Memorable Experiences in Indochina Motorcycle Tours

Reaching the untouched lands

One of the best things about the border areas of Vietnam and Laos or Cambodia is that they are all unspoiled and tranquil lands. The wilderness of the places can easily arouse travelers’ curiosity and encourage them to come and explore. For those who are thirsty for real adventures, this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Beholding a variety of landscapes 

Indochina motorcycle tours cover all the best things that three countries can give – the most beautiful beaches, the scenic national parks, the sublime caves, and the vast forests. Such a variety of landscapes are likely to satisfy all the tourists, even the pickiest ones.

Memorable Experiences in Indochina Motorbike Tours

Discovering unique cultures 

The Indochina Peninsula is considered the center of the whole 10 Southeast Asian countries. Exploring the border areas means that you will not only admire charming spectacles but also learn more about the history of Southeast Asia. The journey will surely bring you a lot of valuable knowledge.

As the three countries are seen as the cradles of world civilization, you will witness firsthand the traces of many civilizations of the ancient inhabitants in the region. You are in a real adventure, not an excursion. The most magnificent architectural works, intangible cultural heritages, and natural heritages will prove it.

On every single land you come across in the journey, you will encounter different customs, traditions, and cuisines. There are so many new things there to amaze you. If you want to know more about Southeast Asian culture, especially the local traditions, the tour is an ideal option.

Explore unique cultures in Indochina motorbike tours

Conquering real challenges

And last but not least, off-road single tracks through forests and mountains are abundant in the trip. If you are confident in your driving skills and you seek some challenges, you will undoubtedly find motorbike tours in Indochina fantastic.

Top Best Indochina Motorbike Tours of BM Travel Adventure

Vietnam Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour In 12 Days

This is one of the most attractive tours of BM Travel Adventure. On this tour, you will visit the Northwest of Vietnam and Northern Laos - both critical tourist areas of the two countries. BM Travel uses the best route for off-road tours and enduro tours. This journey offers you not only charming spectaculars but also the cultural diversity of many different ethnic groups. You will discover exciting new things in many localities, including delicious food, unusual dances, and customs that you have never known.

Vietnam Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour In 12 Days

Right at the first destination of the trip – Phu Yen, you can see the outstanding beauty of Vietnam’s nature, plenty of towering mountains, vast verdant forests, picturesque terraced fields, and grand rivers like Da River, Ma River. You will also immerse yourself in a new cultural space of ethnic minorities. Their traditional clothes, handcraft, and music events are all impressive. 

We will take you to the Plain of Jars on Xiangkhoang Plateau – one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Indochina Peninsula. In Luang Prabang – the magnificent ancient city of Laos, we will come to the National Museum at Old Royal Palace, witness myriads of antiques, and hear fascinating stories about the mighty dynasties in this country. Then we will climb Mount Phousi to behold the gilded stupa. We will not miss our chance to visit Wat Visoun, Wat Aham, Wat Mai, Wat Sene, Wat Xiengthong, and marvel at the impressive classical architecture of dexterous Laotian. Pak Ou Caves with thousands of golden Buddha statues, the Whiskey Village Ban Xang Hai, and rustic villages of H’Mong people are also included in this Indochina motorbike tour.

Visit the Northwest of Vietnam and Northern Laos

Vietnam Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour From Hanoi to Vientiane – 15 days

If you are looking for an Indochina Motorbike Tour that can help you fully experience the North of Vietnam, and the whole North and Centre of Laos, this is the tour you need to find. This 15-day Motorcycle tour is full of precious moments that we will keep recalling for the rest of our lives. While moving in Vietnam, we will admire the mind-blowing beauty of many jungles, terraced fields, and waterfalls. We will come to Mai Chau Valley to witness the typical life of people in Northwest Vietnam. Local wine of Thai people is there waiting for us as well. Thung Khe Pass and Pha Din Pass – two of the most well-known passes in Vietnam – will be a real challenge for you. We will behold outstanding landscapes and also visit historical remnants in Dien Bien Phu, such as Muong Thanh Bridge and the War Museum.

Vietnam Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour From Hanoi to Vientiane – 15 days

In Laos, we will together discover the different cultures and traditions of local people here by stopping over villages of Khmu, Akha, etc. The beautiful tranquil villages like Muang Ngoi or Muang La with hospitable residents help us relieve stress and enjoy life. This journey will take you to sublime mysterious caves like Pa Thok Caves or Pak Ou with sacred Buddha statues inside. Of course, the famous landmarks like Xieng Khouang with the Plain of Jars, Luang Prabang – the UNESCO World Heritage city, Sisaket, Wat Prakeo, Pha That Luang, Khuang Si waterfall will be included in this fantastic tour. Another memorable experience is when you ride an elephant in the elephant camp. These fifteen days will be full of joy and surprises – that's what we assure.

Experience the North of Vietnam, the whole North and Center of Laos

Vietnam Cambodia Border Crossing Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Siem Reap – 10 Days

This Indochina motorbike tour will take you to Cambodia – the country of magnificent temples. Setting off from Ho Chi Minh City, we will first head for Can Tho to visit the renowned Cai Rang Floating Market, Bang Lang Stork Garden, and Binh Thuy Ancient House. 

A cool thing about this trip is that we will move by high-speed boat on the Mekong River to reach Phnom Penh. The scenery on the way is breathtaking, so you will certainly have some fantastic photos. In the capital of Cambodia, we will visit the Royal Palace Complex and historical sites to know more about the land of Khmer.

Vietnam Cambodia Border Crossing Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Siem Reap – 10 Days

In this trip, you will have an opportunity to witness Kampong Cham where Cham people boast their traditions. The tranquil sights of Cambodia will take us to Wat Hanchey – the 1500-year-old holy site that Cambodians are always proud of. In Kampi, we will meet clever Irrawaddy Dolphins, which are carefully protected from extinction. The most remarkable thing about Cambodia is temples; therefore, we can’t miss Kampong Thom with its three magnificent temples.

The most attractive places of Cambodia with stunning temples like Sambor Prei Kuh, Ta Seng Village are our next destinations. Of course, we won’t leave Cambodia unless we visit Angkor Thom Complex and Angkor Wat Temple – the wonders of the world. At night, we will come to some market to taste some delicious Cambodian specialties – Amok, Bai sach chrouk, Kdam chaa, and more.

There is no doubt that Indochina motorbike tours will give us unforgettable experiences in culture, roads, and food. If you are passionate about motorcycle traveling, incredible landscapes, typical architectural works of Southeast Asia, the motorbike tours above should be in your bucket list.

Motorcycle tours Vietnam Laos is more and more interesting than before, because of the mix 3 cultures and terrain in Vietnam and Laos, and you can admire north of Vietnam Laos in 14 days, is a suitable time for all of us to explore 2 countries with full of experience about motorcycle route, landscape Vietnam Laos.

 Why Motorcycle tours Vietnam Laos is the best caravan tour in Indochina?

+ You can see the real motorcycle life in the route Vietnam and Laos. More and more people want to see 2 countries in one motorcycle Trip.

+ Great combination food in Vietnam and Laos,

+ Best landscape in Indochina route is between Vietnam Laos.

+ Diverse culture in this amazing Indochina motorcycle tour through Vietnam Laos.

Why Motorcycle tours Vietnam - Laos is best canravan tours in indochina

 When is the best time to go on Motorcycle tours to Vietnam Laos? 

+ In North Vietnam Laos in the Autumn from September to May next year.

+ In North Vietnam to Centre Vietnam Laos, in   August and September, is storm season, and the summer is too warm to drive motorcycle tours.

Best time in Indochina Motorbike tours

 Which bike is perfect for Motorcycle Tours Vietnam Laos?

+ Now In Vietnam motorcycle market has a lot of big bikes for you can choose a great one, for example, BMW gs 1200, cb500x, triumph tiger, CRF 250l and CRF 250l rally, but we recommend you chose Honda cb500x and CRF 250l, CRF 250l rally. Not because of the price, furthermore by the easy handle, stability, easy to fix on the road, especially in Vietnam Laos Route, you can get trouble in the middle of nowhere. 

Perfect bike in Motorcycle tours Vietnam - Laos

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