Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour to Ma Pi Leng Pass and Bao Lac - 5 days
  Ha Giang → Yen Minh → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Ma Pi Leng Pass → Du Gia → Ha Giang →...

Should you be an adventure lover, the 5-day off-road Ha Giang Motorbike Tour to Ma Pi Leng Pass will be a must-do on your bucket list. This mysterious and far-most mountainous land of the country lini...

From $845/person

Northeast Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Sapa - 6 days
  Hanoi → Ba Be → Meo Vac → Dong Van → Lung Cu → Ha Giang → Xin Man → Bac Ha marke...

Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled Northeast Motorcycle Trip in 6 days which will bring you through the amazing roads and passes of Dong Van Plateau and then the legendary Sapa. On the way, visit hi...

From $1,014/person

Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang - 6 days
  Hanoi → Vu Linh (Thac Ba lake ) → Ha Giang City → Dong Van (Ma Pi Leng pass) → B...

This 6-day Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang is among our most recommended ones. Not only do we get to explore the distinctive beauty of Ha Giang in such landmarks as Quan Ba sky g...

From $1,014/person

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Ba Be National Park - 6 days
  Hanoi → Vu Linh (Thac Ba lake ) → Ha Giang City → Dong Van (Ma Pi Leng pass) → B...

This 6-day Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang, to Ba Be National Park is among our most recommended ones. Not only do we get to explore the distinctive beauty of Ha Giang in such landmarks a...

From $1,014/person

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Sapa - 6 days
  Hanoi → Ba Be → Meo Vac → Dong Van → Lung Cu → Ha Giang → Xin Man → Bac Ha marke...

Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Sapa - 6 days which will bring you through the amazing roads and passes of Dong Van Plateau and then the legendary ...

From $1,014/person

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be - 7 days
  Hanoi → Vu Linh → Chieu Lau Thi → Thong Nguyen → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac →...

Emerging as an ideal destination for adventure tourism in recent years, the Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be - 7 days will certainly not disappoint you. Our 7-day trip ensures you s...

From $1,312/person

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours - Amazing Experiences For Adventurous Hearts

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

The North of Vietnam is undeniably an awesome place for traveling and exploring. If the idea of visiting the North has just suddenly come to your mind, you should consider enjoying Ha Giang Loop motorbike tours. This province has long been a well-known tourist attraction thanks to the incredible scenery, unique cuisine, and hospitable people. If you are keen on the combination of traveling and riding motorcycles, then Ha Giang tours are what you are waiting for.

BM Travel Adventure, with rich experience in organizing motorbike tours throughout Vietnam, is one of the few Vietnamese travel companies that can offer truly valuable Ha Gang loop tours. BM Travel Vietnam Motorbike Tours provides Ha Giang motorbike tours in which you can challenge yourself with countless off-road and single tracks. These are not tours with only famous landmarks, but also off-the-beaten-track yet irresistibly charming destinations. Let’s find out some excellent tours in Ha Giang!

Ha Giang Motorbike tours - top best trails in Ha Giang

Top Best Loop Trails In Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

Now we all know that Ha Giang is worth visiting, but not every one of us knows which loop trails we should try. Then here are some recommendations for you:

Ha Giang – Lao Chai valley – Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Lung Tam – Lim Mong – Yen Minh loop 

One thing you should know about this loop is that all the tracks here are single tracks. Some remarkable attractions are Quan Ba Heaven Gate and Co Tien twin-mountains with fascinating myths, poetic pine forest in Yen Minh, or terraced fields in Lim Mong. The landscape is spectacular and the roads are thrilling, so if you are into something adventurous, this loop is highly recommended.

Ha Giang loop bike tours

Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River – Meo Vac village – Khau Vai love market

This is probably one of the most impressive loops that you can have in Vietnam. Dong Van stone plateau, Ma Pi Leng Pass – one of the greatest passes of the North, or romantic Nho Que River are breathtaking sceneries that every traveler would love to see once. Joining the Khau Vai love market with local people will bring you to cloud nine. In the loop, you may have to cross the river by bamboo rafts. There are plenty of single tracks and twisted roads for you to overcome.

Top Best Loop Trails In Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi – Tay Con Linh – Thanh Thuy border gate (Ha Giang)

A simple reason why people keep trying this loop is that it is the venue of Super Enduro 2019 in Vietnam. Off-road tracks are what you are longing for? 100% of the tracks here are off-road. And maybe we don’t have to say too much about gorgeous terraced fields Hoang Su Phi or Tay Con Linh peak with the height of 2428 meters above sea level since they are iconic sites in the North.

There are some other ideal loops you should give a try, including Yen Minh – Tham Ma Slope – Sung La valley – Cao Street – Vuong Mansion – Lung Cu Heaven Gate – Dong Van, Bao Lac – Du Gia – Mau Due – Ha Giang, or Quang Nguyen – Bac Son valley – Lang Son. These loops possess a pristine beauty without too many residents and tourists. All those loops are indeed worth trying, but if you don’t have good preparation, you will surely not fully enjoy the trip, not to mention plenty of risks. Therefore, BM Travel Adventure with sufficient experience and passion offers exceptional Ha Giang Loop motorbike tours. With these tours, Ha Giang will stay in your memory forever.

Ha Giang motorbike tours to ba be

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Ba Be National Park - 6 days

Of all the Ha Giang motorbike tours, this one is always in the top hottest tours. The tour includes the most renowned landmarks such as Dong Van old quarter, Quan Ba heaven gate, Hoang Su Phi terrace, and Thac Ba Lake.

The routes are perfect for experienced bikers since 80% of the roads are off-road. But if you like light riding, this is still a fantastic choice for you as you always have two options: one focuses on conquering hazardous roads, and one is on enjoying majestic scenery and ethnic culture of the locals.

We are going to experience fascinating moments in the following places:

Thac Ba Lake and Ba Be Lake are two large lakes of Vietnam with an unbelievably vast variety of fauna as well as flora. Lying in the middle of imposing limestone mountain ranges, the lakes are like an exquisite emerald.

Vietnam motorbike tours from ha noi to ba be via ha giang

One of the four greatest passes in the North of Vietnam is Ma Pi Leng Pass. From the pass, we can witness the dreamlike beauty of Nho Quan River.

After riding the whole risky long road, we can witness the beauty of Hoang Su Phi rice terrace - a pure masterpiece completed by both humans and nature.

We will also visit O Do Fall, Dong Van geological park, Co Tien twin-mountains, the Khau Vai love market, and more. We will immerse ourselves in the unique culture of local people. We are going to have dinner with Dzao homestay hosts in Vu Linh, dance and sing with them, and hang out in the love market. But note that the extreme off-road routes require not only experience and riding skills but a vigorously adventurous spirit.

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Bao Lac

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tour to Ma Pi Leng Pass and Bao Lac – 5 days

At first glance, this tour appears to be a bit like the tour above, but since it starts from Ha Giang and does not cross Ba Be, it brings you a fuller experience focusing on Ha Giang. Again, the spectacular rocky roads will evoke your passion for conquering the world.

The routes contain narrow twists and turns, sloping off-road and single tracks, slippery, and rugged roads, so prepare yourself well before getting started. In the tour, you can contemplate the majestic landscape of Tam Son town and Co Tien Mountain. Then you will be immersed in verdant Yen Minh pine forest.

Apart from Ma Pi Leng Pass – a famous attraction, we will together discover other fabulous sites such as Vuong Palace with an impressive design, Lung Cu flag pole, and of course, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark – a global geopark recognized by UNESCO. We will also explore Pho Cat fairs, which are full of vibrant brocades and delicious food.

The most attractive point of the tour is probably Du Gia – Mau Due road. This 70-kilometer road is filled with rocky slopes. Riding on this road, you are going to experience the eye-catching view of the blue sky, the white clouds, the green hills, the streams, the small towns. Together they become a perfect picture.

The tour provides you with a chance to visit Hoang Su Phi terraced rice fields with an alluring scenery. Moreover, you will have an unforgettable night with friendly Dzao people in Vu Linh after sightseeing at Thac Ba Lake. On the way back to Hanoi, we will stop at Duong Lam and explore this renowned village.

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour to Ma Pi Leng Pass and Bao Lac – 5 days

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son - 8 days

Out of our Ha Giang motorbike tours, this is the only 8-day tour crossing two global geoparks: Dong Van Meo Vac and Non Nuoc Cao Bang. This is not a tour for careless riders since we are always riding on rugged winding roads and close to deep pools.

Once again, we are greeted warmly in the house of Dzao people in Vu Linh after refreshing ourselves with the peaceful Thac Ba Lake. Then we will move to Dong Van stone plateau – a rocky area with jaw-dropping beauty. Don’t be dreamy too long because the thrilling roads on Ma Pi Leng Pass will be there to challenge your toughness.

Reaching Quang Uyen district, we will explore Tay people’s life. In April and May (according to the lunar calendar), we can even take part in their ceremony. We are going to witness the cultural tradition of the Tay ethnic group and taste their great delicacy – pork, steamed sticky rice, and local wine. From this area, we will continue to visit Ban Gioc fall – the second largest cross-border waterfall in the world. Next, when arriving in Lang Son, we will relish the well-known roasted duck and sour noodle. A trip full of challenges, joy, breathtaking scenery, and absolutely tasty food – how can we resist it?

Vietnam motorbike tours from ha giang to cao bang

As you can see, with each of our Ha Giang motorbike tours, BM Travel Adventure brings you different experiences. Knowing that you desire a high-quality tour, We always try to find new off-road tracks with sufficient safety as well as includes many interesting activities. Join fantastic journeys to Ha Giang with BM Travel Adventure Motorcycle Tours right now! We are here waiting for you to commence.

There are also some other Ha Giang motorbike tours for you to explore:

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