BM Travel Adventure tours with dirt bikes: The three-day two night Ta Xua - Ngoc Chien - Mu Cang Chai tour is one of the interesting off-road bike tours you should try when visiting Yen Bai. You can experience off-road – camping activities and enjoy hot springs with the enchanting beauty of Mu Cang Chai - La Pan Tan. When coming here, you will join the most unique off-road bike backpacking tour in the North of Vietnam. The tour will bring all of your unforgettable emotions. If you have tried it once, you will want to come back and want to try again.
Catching the new trend of motorcycle, off-road, and travel enthusiasts, we who are professional tour organizers always go on unique and divine off-road tours to bring the best experience for you.

  • Departure2021: Oct 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29 | Nov 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30 | Dec 3, 7, 10 ...
  • ThemeNature/Motorcycle Adventure, Traditional culture, Off-road, Enduro Tours, Wild Life
  • SuitableTravel with friends, Active traveler, Solo traveler

Category: Vietnam Motorcycle Trips Near Hanoi City, Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Vietnam Enduro Tours




Day 1 Hanoi - Ta Xua (Camping, Lunch, BBQ Dinner)

Day 2 Ta Xua - Ngoc Chien Hot Water Supply (Breakfast, Lunch, BBQ Dinner)

Day 3 Ngoc Chien - La Pan Tan - Nghia Lo ( Having breakfast, Lunch)

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Vietnam motorbike tours prices for a guided Vietnam motorcycle tour 

*Full package, no hidden cost surprises

Guided Tour


Hymalaya / Versy 300 

Honda CB 500x

BMW GS1200

One person Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Two people Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Three people 310 USD/day/person 315 USD/day/person 495 USD/day/person
From four people 290 USD/day/person 299 USD/day/person 475 USD/day/person

Guided Tour

(Under 20% Off-road)

Honda XR150L

Honda CRF250L

Suzuki DRZ 400

One person 219 USD/day/person 239 USD/day/person 259 USD/day/person
Two people 199 USD/day/person 219 USD/day/person 239 USD/day/person
Three people 179 USD/day/person 199 USD/day/person 219 USD/day/person
From four people 169 USD/day/person 189 USD/day/person 209 USD/day/person

Guided Tour

(From 50% Off-road)

Honda XR150L

Honda CRF250L

Suzuki DRZ400

One person 239 USD/day/person 259 USD/day/person 279 USD/day/person
Two people 219 USD/day/person 239 USD/day/person 259 USD/day/person
Three people 199 USD/day/person 219 USD/day/person 239 USD/day/person
From four people 189 USD/day/person 209 USD/day/person 229 USD/day/person

 - This tour price is applied for groups of 5, 10, and 11 people or more. If your group member is under 5 people or 10 people, please contact BM Travel Adventure tours to get a detailed quote.
 - For groups of 11 or more, BM Travel Adventure tours will provide free 4x4 pickup trucks to support the group. If the group of under 11 people wants to hire 4x4 pickup trucks, please contact the BM Travel Adventure tour to quote the price.
 - Tour prices can change depending on the price of the air ticket at the time of booking tours.
 - If you need to drive a Honda CB500x or a Royal Enfield, the travel prices are equal to the 400cc Suzuki DRZ ride price.


 Prices tours include:
+ Off-road bikes Honda crf250l, DRZ400, and XR 150l, depending on the type of vehicle you choose
+ Vietnam Airline round trip ticket and car to pick you up if you are from Saigon
+ Main meals on the program
+ Professional and enthusiastic tour guide
+ Full set of car repair kits, our guide will solve all of your problems.
+ The unique roads are only available at BM Travel Adventure tours
+ Gasoline and scenic tickets in the program
+ Tent and all camping equipment in the tour
+ Hotel and homestay in the program

Tour does not include:
+ Helmets, gloves, and protective clothing
+ Motorbike and personal insurance are not included, you will be responsible for the vehicle and yourselves.
+ Excluding drinks, beer, and soft drinks
+ Excluding supportive cars, if you need a pickup truck, surcharge: 2,500,000 / day including driver

 ⦁ Specialized backpack to bring personal belongings for 2 days.
 + 2 Short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts (sports shirts that are cool and absorbent).
 + 1 jacket and sweater for the evening.
 + Knee guards, protective armor + specialized gloves.
 + Enduro helmet, clothing, and glasses for off-road drivers
 ⦁: 2 cool sports pants with good elasticity (preferring thin, light, quick-drying, water-resistant pants).
 ⦁ Shoes: enduro
 Note: You should choose shoes that are about 1 size wider. You should keep your toenails short to avoid collisions while wearing shoes throughout the journey.
 ⦁ Slippers: 1 pair of slippers to go through the stream and use on the shack.
 ⦁ Sock: 2 pairs of long, thick, high-heeled socks to avoid insects and terrain collision.
 + 1 wool scarf to keep warm at night on the mountain.
 ⦁ Thermal stickers: 2-3 pieces for use in the evening on the mountain.
 ⦁ Backup charger.
 ⦁ Identification documents: ID card / Citizen card / Passport.
 ⦁ Flashlight: Use when it is dark (preferably headlamp).
 ⦁ Personal items: sunscreen, sunglasses, personal BM Travel Adventure cine.
 ⦁ Energy supplements: chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, etc.
If you need to rent or buy things while traveling such as helmets, clothing, protective clothing, specialized enduro shoes ... Please contact BM Travel Adventure tours to prepare and quote the price for you.

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