Offroad touring to the Northeast Vietnam on pastoral roads

02/13/2019 05:37

Exploring the Northeast will take you to the majestic scenery of Ha Giang, or the gorgeous and beautiful waterfalls of Cao Bang. Especially, you will not forget visiting the romantic and charming scenery at Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan). The Northeast is also famous for its highland specialties, folk festivals and dazzling flowers of the North.
Enjoying the cuisine, cultural exchanges, together with participating in the weekly market or understanding Vietnamese history... will bring visitors many interesting experience. Today, visitors are familiar to the Northeast because there are many interesting places to explore. However, if you want to make the offroad touring on the pastoral roads really impressive and meaningful, it is needed to plan in detail not to miss any memorable moments. Therefore, in this article, Vietnam Motorbike Tours provides you with detailed information when you are about to take an offroad tour of riding on pastoral roads to the Northeast Vietnam.


The 'timetable' for visitor to travel Vietnam all seasons a year

02/13/2019 05:34

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many places that attract a lot of visitors. However, due to the feature of the weather, there are some places in Vietnam that are only suitable to visit according to seasons. This article will provide you the appropriate times of the year to travel to attractive destinations in Vietnam.
About us: For many years, motorcycle tours to the provinces of Vietnam have attracted many interested tourists. Many visitors book tours by the wild and majestic beauty on each road we go. Its beauty comes from the vast fields, the bowls, the rivers and canals that create beautiful paintings of sightseeing in Vietnam. The beauty will make visitors surprised from the fresh air of the early morning with the dew still on the leaf dew, the sunlight down the field to the afternoon in the sky, through the clouds and the sunset after the trees. Vietnam Motorbike Tour is pleasure to provide you with a offroad tour motorbike travel services in the famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. We are a motorbike tour organization, we serve on the track tours. We will provide you perfect routes with quality motorcycles such as Honda CRF250L, Honda XR250R, Honda XR150L along with reasonable prices.


Amazing Differences from South to North Vietnam

02/13/2019 05:24

Back to Hanoi after a long time in Saigon, I used to call a glass of "iced coffee" in the familiar. The waitress, who had just finished listening, quickly corrected bartender: "For a brown stone." Interestingly, I suddenly thought of the difference between eating in the North and South, where only a small drink or a name, the difference is also very long, as wide as cultural differences, the South, the North, where we often compare happy times.
During the off-road tracks, a lot of friends asked me to use the service of any company to get experience for their trip. Actually, it was a chance to use the service of Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club Team. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club Team is not yet the largest motorbike tour company in Vietnam, but they are sure that their bikes are the best. They own just around 20 motorbikes and they are all good Japanese bikes imported from Thailand or Japan and always on the op of working condition.


From Ha Giang to Cao Bang on the high roads

01/21/2019 10:22

Ha Giang - the front land of the country, is famous for its winding winding streets, spectacular bends of slopes. It is also well known for the Ma Pi Leng Pass which is one of the four great peaks of the North. Many off-road riders came to this land was terrified and feel admired by the nature here. Ha Giang is the most charm and the most romantic probably when it is October, November or December. From Quan Ba, Yen Minh to Pho Cao, Dong Van, Hoang Su Phi, Xi Man ... and the Ha Giang’s rocky plateau are covered with a pink colour of poetic flower of buckwheat. It is a flower with a strong vigor growing on arid rock areas. The scenery makes visitors both immersed and surprised. The trip also brings you to Cao Bang - the revolutionary origin of Vietnam. When coming here, you will be able to visit the place and work of Uncle Ho and the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam together with excursions on one of the beautiful lakes on the world. Let’s join an off-road motorbike tours with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to see many strangely interesting things since you ride from Ha Giang to Cao Bang via Ba Be as described in the below article.


Wonderful motorbike tracks journey to Phan Rang – Cam Ranh

01/21/2019 10:16

Go to the land of Phan Rang with sunny and wind, then to see it sunny to burn the skin. This trip we had a really enjoyable experience.
Discovering the land of Phan Rang, experience the spectacular scenery along the coastal road Phan Rang - Cam Ranh, there are many places to attract us. We eat the delicious food, be more new friends really happy.
In this article, I would like to share some experience gained from Phan Rang motorbike tour for your reference


Conquest of paradise: SaPa-Sin Ho

01/21/2019 10:14

Sin Ho is about 60 km West of the center of Lai Chau province, with dense evergreen forests and a valley with bright yellow rice fields, old pear-trees, peaches, still bore fruit. Sa Pa has temperate climate and subtropical climate, cool air all year round. The weather in the town one day has four seasons: the morning is the spring, the afternoon is like the sun down, usually sunny, mild climate, afternoon clouds and frost falls to create cool feeling as the sun gathers and the night is the cold of winter. Combining these two special lands will create a unique motorbike tracks tour



01/21/2019 10:13

The Northest tracks have made many people fascinated by the winding pass, the beautiful flowers or the "masterpiece" terraced curved winding. When the autumn comes, visit Mu Cang Chai in this season, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the charming terraced fields as a yellow rice painting.


Guides for off-road motorbike trip to Hai Van Pass

01/21/2019 10:12

Hai Van Pass, also called Cloud Pass, is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. This pass was ever filmed with the popular movie Top Gear - where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May raced motorcycles through Vietnam. Since the moment the film was released, more tourists have discovered the Hai Van pass as they have chance to travel from Hue to Hoi An by motorbikes.
Hai Van passes through the mountains linking the coastal town of Lang Co with the city of Da Nang. The pass is 21 km long while two sides of it are mountains and deserted beaches. Thanks to the opening of the tunnel through the mountain, the pass road has almost no accident and is much safer. In this article Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club Team would like to gives you some helpful guides if you are going to take an off-road tour passing through this beautiful pass.


The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave

01/21/2019 10:11

Located just a short distance away from Ban Gioc waterfall, just Northeast of the Vietnam - China border, the historical relic of Lenin stream - Pac Bo cave is a tourist destination that many visitors love. Let’s to discover this beautiful place with Vietnam Motorbike Tours through this article.
Pac Po is the place where President Ho Chi Minh chose to live after returning Vietnam. At present, the landscape here does not change much compared to previous years but retains the rustic simplicity as the life of the great leader. Those things are the reasons that we decide to do this Pac Po Motorbike tracks tour.


7 favoured riding roads in Vietnam

12/24/2018 10:37

Going to Nha Trang, Da Nang or Saigon is too simple and familiar. But what would you think if you were traveling on the off-road and single-track roads from one place to another? These7 favoured riding roads in Vietnam are not new but not old places because you may have heard or visited but have not really reached them. Why you don’t experience once to know more and to love the land under your foot more. And it is the time for you to admire the beautiful scenery that is simple but majestic of parts in Vietnam? Then you should take your motorbike up and go.
The popular arcades are ideal for any connoisseur who wants to conquer and experience the majestic slopes and mountains. According to the information posted on many tourist channels, and due to severals years of being tour guide for many off-road riders, the most popular riding roads in Vietnam are quite rugged terrain, has many bends but brings in a beautiful and majestic nature. Let's together with Vietnam Motorbike Tours to take a look at the greatest riding roads are being favoured on the journey to conquer the lands of the country.


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