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Motorbike touring in Vietnam is always the best choice for those who want to experience Vietnamese country and people in a realest manner. We are a group of motorbike tour operators and tour guides who have a lot of experiences and good at various languages such as English, French and Spanish. We are the first motorbike tour operator with Spanish tour guides in Vietnam. We have been grown up after many years in tourism. We know how to make differences and organize a wonderful trip for you. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the following tour lists or we may customize them depending your financial capacity and number of days. We will try our best to offer everything possible to you so that you will have a meaningful trip in Vietnam.

Northern VN: beautiful land with rich culture.

This region is 80% covered by mountains and has the least residents in Vietnam. Most of the local residents are ethnic groups which occupy 75% of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Due to arduous terrain, many high mountains, deep passes and abysses, most of the local residents live in poverty more than those in the Central and the Southern Vietnam. They still keep backward customs, habits as well as cultivation practices that have existed for thousands years. No other part in the world has more rich traditional cultures and arduous terrain with many magnificent beauty spots than in the Northern Vietnam. This is especially suitable for those who love to travel around the Northern Vietnam by motorbike because it is full of mountains and some most wonderful roads for motorbike tours.

Mountainous area in the Northwestern Vietnam is famous for many stretching terraced fields. This is home to many ethnic minorities such as Muong people who are liken to ancient Vietnamese people because they have similar language to ancient Vietnamese people or Thai people who came to Vietnam over 700 years ago or Hmong people and Dzao people who settled down over 300 years ago. A most wonderful tour to the Northwestern Vietnam is often from February to May and from August to October. Although it is coldest or hottest in these periods, you will see yellow ripening rice season that is the most beautiful in the Northwestern Vietnam, i.e. August. A motorbike tour to this region often lasts 6 to 7 days covering Mai Chau valley - Mu Cang Chai terraced field - Sin Ho - Sa Pa.

Contrary to the Northwestern Vietnam, the Northeastern Vietnam has differently splendid beauty spots. The Northern mountainous area has more rocks and fewer terraced fields but more primary forests and many other destinations such as Dong Van Rock Plateau, Ba Be lake that is the largest natural lake in the Southeast Asia and Ban Doc waterfall. There are many ethnic minorities with various cultures such as Hmong, Dzao and Tay. Motorbike tour in the Northwestern Vietnam has many options such as off-road tours and windy, sunny passes.

In short, the Northwestern Vietnam mountainous area is the most remote area in Vietnam, an extremely excellent destination for motorbike tour lovers. Therefore, the best way to travel this region is going by motorbike. There are various roads for your choice and many wonderful things for you to experience. However, it is actually not easy for anyone who wants to join such tours and see fabulous scenes on the roads in a safest manner without any guide. Therefore, let us make plan for a meaningful and safe trip for you because we give top priority to safety.