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Motorbike touring in Vietnam is always the best choice for those who want to experience Vietnamese country and people in a realest manner. We are a group of motorbike tour operators and tour guides who have a lot of experiences and good at various languages such as English, French and Spanish. We are the first motorbike tour operator with Spanish tour guides in Vietnam. We have been grown up after many years in tourism. We know how to make differences and organize a wonderful trip for you. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the following tour lists or we may customize them depending your financial capacity and number of days. We will try our best to offer everything possible to you so that you will have a meaningful trip in Vietnam.

Motorbike tour to the heritage region

 Motorbike tour to the heritage region

It cannot be denied that when travelling Vietnam, you will have chance to discover most human cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO, ranging from nonphysical culture to natural heritage and double world heritage. In the motorbike tour with us - Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, you will be able to discover and experience world and national natural heritages such as Ha Long Bay, Trang An, Hue, Hoi An or buckwheat festival, national terrace rice field in Mu Cang Chai.

Following are some places you will experience in our motorbike tour.

1: Ha Long:

“This is the world wonder. Boating on Ha Long Bay makes me feel harmonious with vast waves in a romantic and sparkling scene. I don’t know when Ha Long has left an everlasting love song in my mind. Ha Long will live forever and become more and more attractive to tourists”.

2: Trang An:

This ecological resort is a majestic and magnificent mountainous area formed by mountains of various shapes reflected in winding small springs connecting incredibly beautiful and magic wide caves and valleys. Coming to Trang An ecotourism resort, tourists will have chance to experience various emotions, discover very root of human life, enjoy pure beauty together with fresh air. Tourists will also feel proud of glorious history strongly shown in mountain and river shape in the early period of the country founding of three dynasties: King Dinh Tien Hoang, King Le Dai Hanh and King Ly Thai To. By using motorbike tour, you can go around small and narrow roads with quite immense landscape. Another option for you is a tour by small boat!

3: Mu Cang Chai terraced field as a national heritage:

Terraced fields are seen in many places in the Northwest and the Northeast of Vietnam. They are used for cultivation in mountainous and for maintaining water for fields effectively. Terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai attract many tourists as well as photographers thanks to their unique beauty. This is a cultural heritage created by ethnic locals through generations. Coming to Mu Cang Chai, you can see many layered terraced fields across hills. The topography in this place is structured by high mountains dissected by rivulets, deep ravines and vast pine forests. Terraced fields in glutinous rice trays are intercalated with forests and rivulets in an amazing manner.

Therefore, When On Earth website cited “This is actually the most sophisticated and attractive beauty and more unique than any other place in the world”.