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Meaning of traditional festivals

At present, Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations in the Southeast Asia not only because of many beauty spots and friendly Vietnamese people but also because of Vietnamese cultural diversity, different customs and habits of 54 ethnic groups. Furthermore, the diversity of Vietnamese festivals is a traditional cultural beauty that attracts domestic and foreign tourists.

Traditional festival is a type of cultural activity and spiritual product of the people that is formed and developed during the history. For generations, Vietnamese people have tradition of “When you drink water, remember the source”. Festival is an event that shows such valuable tradition of the community, honoring divine images, designated as “Gods” - real persons in the national history or legend.

The image of Gods possesses beautiful qualities of the people. They are anti-invader heroes, people who explore new lands and find stable jobs; people who confront acts of God, except for beasts of prey; people who save other people by cure; legendary characters who govern real life and help other people become better and maintain happy life. Festival is an event that memorizes and shows gratitude towards the merit of Gods for the community and the nation.

Traditional festival is always aimed at a divine subject that should be worshiped such as anti-invader heroes, people who are dedicated to train traditional crafts, prevent acts of God, eradicate beasts of prey and save other people. Based on such proverbs as “When you drink water, remember the source”, “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls”, festivals are held in an exciting manner with stories, merits. They are the connection between the past and the presence, which makes young generation today understand ancestor’s merits and take more pride in traditions.

Most of festivals in Vietnam are often associated with historical events to memorize the people who have merits towards the country in anti-invader wars. Therefore, games in festivals are frequently governed by chivalry, for example, archery contest and wrestling (Co Loa festival), wrestling, martial contest and running contest (Vi Khe flower festival, Nam Dinh), archery contest and stuffed fabric bag throwing contest (in mountainous Northern Vietnam region). Some festivals are named after traditional games such as elephant greeting festival, female God greeting festival, wooden ball playing festival, stuffed fabric bag throwing festival, cock-fighting festival, buffalo-fighting festival, etc. There is also a festival that turns off light at night to allow boys and girls to show love towards each other. That festival is governed by Fertility rites and cults, called “linh tinh tình phộc” (held in Lam Thao - Phu Tho).

Festivals in Vietnam are held mostly in three Spring months and in Autumn. People are often free during these periods. It is warm in Spring and cool in Autumn, which is favorable for festivals. This also makes the people who come to festivals feel pleasant and happy.

Touring by motorbike to remote areas enables you to see colorful traditional and humanitarian festivals. We, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, are always here to be with you to the most remote areas to discover humanity value of traditional festivals!