Why travel with Vietnam motorbike tours club

  • Excellent bike
  • Excellent staff
  • Excellent for your pocket money
  • Excellent “unique, breathtaking” routes
  • Flexible & Responsible

Motorbike touring in Vietnam is always the best choice for those who want to experience Vietnamese country and people in a realest manner. We are a group of motorbike tour operators and tour guides who have a lot of experiences and good at various languages such as English, French and Spanish. We are the first motorbike tour operator with Spanish tour guides in Vietnam. We have been grown up after many years in tourism. We know how to make differences and organize a wonderful trip for you. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the following tour lists or we may customize them depending your financial capacity and number of days. We will try our best to offer everything possible to you so that you will have a meaningful trip in Vietnam.

About us Viet Nam Motorbike Tours Club

Vietnam is always an ideal destination for motorbike tours of any kind. With mountains covering three fourths of the area and about 3000km coastline, most of Vietnam roads are very small, sunny and windy. Therefore, by choosing a motorbike tour in Vietnam, you will certainly feel more comfortable and adventurous than going by cars.

For various reasons, before 2000, there were very few tourists to Vietnam using motorbikes because at that time, they had to rent motorbikes, buy road maps and ride motorbikes from the inner city on their own because no tourism agents organized tours. Therefore, in spite of knowing that it was very dangerous, they had no choice. Faced by such situation, we, Vietnam motorbike tours club, are established to take you to remote mountainous areas with beautiful mountainous scenes, amazing waterfalls or magic terrace rice fields, or simply help you talk with rustic locals or live in simple villages hidden in imposing natural scene.

What makes us different?

First, we are passionate, enthusiastic and well-experienced people who are always be with you on all roads. For us, your satisfaction is a measure of our existence. Most of us have joined tours and organized tours for many years. We are good at many foreign languages such as English, Spanish and French. Moreover, we are keen mechanics. Therefore, we always have Spanish, English and French tour guides at hand.

Motorbike quality: Excellent

We are not a very big tourism agent in Vietnam but we don’t hesitate to invest in motorbikes of the latest versions. Most of these motorbikes are dirt bikes and enduro bikes such as CRF 250L, XR250 and XR150. All of them are imported from Japan. Some of them are not brand new ones but always maintained in best condition. Having organized tours for many years, we realize that these are the most excellent and most suitable lines of motorbikes that make you feel most comfortable and safest. These lines of motorbikes are not new to professional bikers/motorcyclists. Stable condition of motorbikes is a requisite for a wonderful trip. We warrant with you that if your motorbikes have any troubles on the way, we will replace other motorbikes of the same type. Hence, you should feel free to enjoy beautiful scenes on your way without worrying about your motorbikes. Moreover, depending on your group size and your money, we can arrange supporting motorbikes or mechanics.

Tour guide: Excellent

Having worked with foreign tourists for many years, we understand that people are eventually very important factor in any tour trip. People in this context mean tour guides. You will not enjoy a perfect trip with an unfriendly tour guide with bad foreign language skills even when you have an interesting program and excellent roads with motorbikes of good quality. We are the combination of many professional tour guides (English, Spanish and French) in motorbike tours, which will make you surprised repeatedly because we just want to introduce our country and our people to the world. Additionally, we want to make friends with you while pursuing a viewpoint that tourism is connection and sharing.  


Flexibility is always present in our tour schedule, thus we always try to be as flexible as possible to provide you with a most wonderful trip. Therefore, if you are on tours in a separate group or a small group, it will be easier for us to arrange everything flexibly.

During our tours, tour guide always leads the groups and relies on your capacity and experience on your way everyday. On the tours, he can change the itinerary and choose what to see, where to take photos and suitable food for you. 

Growing up

With a view to becoming a first-class professional motorbike tour operator in Vietnam, every year, we usually survey new roads and new routes as well as improving our present services and products. Accordingly, don’t hesitate to evaluate our services after each trip. We will listen to your feedback on our services to improve our services. At present, we have unique tours and roads. Some of these roads are not shown on road maps. 


We never offer the cheapest services but our prices are negotiable depending on the number of days and the group size as well as related services such as supporting motorbikes or mechanics. Moreover, having worked in tourism for many years, we have established intimate relations with local service providers and earn their absolute trust. Thus, we always have the best and competitive prices for you in our tours.

 Small Authentic - Gift

We always try to offer the best possible services to you, the most intimate and very important friends. Furthermore, we always have very authentic small gifts for you. For honeymoon tourists or long-stay small-sized private groups of tourists, we provide a free Vietnamese traditional massage package after a long tour. 

We believe that you will have an unforgettable experience when joining us.